Gary’s Ratings: 4.4/5

Main Cast: Marla Mindelle (as Celine Dion), Constantine Rousouli (as Jack), Alex Ellis (as Rose), Frankie Grande (as Victor), Jaye Alexander (as The Iceberg)

Running Dates: Example Previews from June 14, Opening June 23, Closing September 25

Theater Location: The Asylum Theatre. 307 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10036

Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Tickets: Prices from $38–$98. Buy tickets here.

The Gary Score for Titanique

I gave Titanique the score of 4.4 mainly because of its refreshing approach to the source material. With a running time under two hours, this show leaves the audience delighted and wanting more. If you’re a fan of musical parodies, Titanique is a must-see.

This musical is filled with pop culture references as well as some niche jokes for theater lovers. The songs, both Celine Dione hits and the originals, are performed flawlessly by the cast.

Audiences expecting a faithful recreation of the source material will be sorely disappointed. The somewhat chaotic nature of the show might also be too much for some. However, you should keep in mind that Titanique is intended for viewers ready to have lots of fun.

What Is the Show About?

Titanique is a musical parody of the hit classic movie Titanic. But the show takes the original storyline through one twist after another.

Without getting into spoilers, I’ll just say that the story begins at a museum dedicated to the Titanic or, at least, the movie version of the ship. Then, Celine Dion takes the museum tour over, taking everyone present on a journey through an alternate version of the movie’s story. All this happens through fantastic musical numbers and ends up in a finale that borders on utter chaos.

If you know the movie, you’ll get occasional glimpses at the original story. Of course, all of the main characters appear in the musical as well. Their destinies might seem much less tragic in Titanique than they were in the movie. But that’s precisely the point.

How Complex Is the Show?

This show certainly won’t be an overly serious theater experience. The plot and characters are approached lightly, and their dialogue is written without unnecessarily complicated language. While Titanique might take you on a wild ride with its twists, you’ll be having so much fun that almost nothing else will matter.

The show features a number of jokes that might not be suitable for kids, but none of them are too explicit. In fact, Titanique might ride that fine line of comedy where adults can pick up on a more mature joke while it goes over kids’ heads.

Since the musical relies heavily on pop culture, most of the audience will be able to relate to what’s going on. From the set design to the callbacks to the Titanic, there’s no question you’ll get most of what the show has to say.

Set Design and Style of Titanique

The set of Titanique reminded me the most of a late-night TV show. You can see the silhouette of the band in the background while the main characters take the front position on the stage.

This design choice provides a great setup for breaking the fourth wall, which the show does a lot. In some shows, the first few times the cast starts to interact with the audience might be a bit jarring. But in Titanique, the gimmick is a success right from the beginning.

In terms of style, Titanique is a love letter to the most campy side of the ’90s. And that’s no surprise considering the show’s theme. The original movie has been a gold mine of memes for decades, and Titanique uses every opportunity to take advantage of that pop culture value.

You’ll see ’90s camp brought up to the point of being cheesy in every part of the show’s style, including scenery and, most importantly, the performances.

Similar Shows

If you get blown away by Titanique like I did, you’ll probably be hungry to see more shows that give a similar feel.

In that case, you might enjoy other musical parodies based on popular movies or TV shows. Luckily, there are a few you might be able to see right after Titanique.

The first show that comes to mind is Stranger Sings! Of course, the musical is a parody on the Netflix hit show Stranger Things. The musical takes the numerous references to the culture of the ’80s and early ’90s from its TV counterpart. But since this is a parody, the references seem almost meta – which is a good thing.

Then, there’s Friendsical, which, as you probably guessed, parodies the cult TV show Friends. If you’re a fan of the original, there’s absolutely no reason to miss this musical. Like Titanique, it brings back a beloved classic with a wacky twist.

Finally, I probably don’t need to tell you what The Office! A Musical Parody is based on. The TV show was already filled with hilarious jokes and absurd situations, and the musical ramps all that to 11.

A Review of the Reviews

Most of the reviews I found about Titanique had only good things to say about almost every aspect of the show.

The New York Times wrote about the show’s campy and inventive story, as well as its great use of Celine Dion songs. TheaterMania called the musical “a… joyful slay-fest” and praised the vocal performances. The New York Theatre Guide recommends viewers get on board and let themselves have fun with the show.

Audience reviews are just as positive. Titanique currently holds an 86% score on Show-Score with 90% positive reviews.

All reviews agree that this musical offers a fun experience with hilarity and a touch of creative chaos. Opinions on the cast are also very positive, especially when it comes to Mindelle’s portrayal of Celine Dion.

A Little Bit About the Characters

Cast of Titanique
Celine DionA parody of the actual Canadian diva, Celine Dion in Titanique acts as a live pop culture reference. She’s the driving force behind the show’s story and musical numbers.
JackJack represents the main character from the Titanic as much as the image of Leonardo DiCaprio himself from the ’90s. 
RoseSimilar to Jack, Rose is an exaggerated version of the movie’s main hero. 
VictorVictor is a mixture of several side characters in the original movie. He is a flamboyant personality played with the right measure of extravagance and restraint.
The IcebergThe iceberg that sank the ship is given a personality that will surprise and delight you. 

Get Your Tickets

If you want to spend nearly two hours laughing, singing along, and generally enjoying yourself, Titanique will be just the place.

This show is a firework of entertainment and a perfect way to spend an evening with friends. But take my advice: Don’t go in expecting high-brow humor. While there’ll be certain jokes directed towards people who know the theater in and out, Titanique is best enjoyed with a light heart.

Don’t wait till September to catch one of the final shows of the year. See it now, while its fresh and the cast is at their peak.

Order your tickets online now using this link and get ready for an absolute blast.


My full name is Gary Finklestein, and I’m what you might call a theater geek. But, for better or worse, I don’t have the formal education that often goes along with the title. My reviews and advice for Broadway are quick and too-the-point. Prepare to not be bored.

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