Gary’s Ratings of Blue Man Group (Off Broadway): 4.6/5

Main Cast: Gideon Banner (as Blue man), Chris Bowen (as Blue man), Michael Dahlen (as Blue man), Isaac Eddy (as Blue man), Josh Elrod (as Blue man), Mark Frankel (as Blue man), Matt Goldman (as Blue man), Randall Jaynes (as Blue man), Pete Simpson (as Blue man)

Running Dates: Opening November 17, 1991

Theater Location: Astor Place Theatre, 434 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003

Running Time: 1 and 40 minutes (no intermission)

Tickets: Prices from $40. Buy tickets here.

Gary’s Rating Score: 4.6/5

I love this show for what it does to your spirit and mind. It simply blows you away. Leave your expectations at the door and let the blue and bald men take you on a journey packed with surprises, music, and laughter.

This is a fantastic, Las Vegas-style show featuring extremely talented men who are masters of their work. The greatest part about their appeal is their mystery, which is almost impossible to describe.

I won’t rate this spectacle with a 5 only because of some minor inconveniences. Sometimes, the music gets so loud you can easily worry about damage to your hearing. But you’ll agree with me that this isn’t even remotely a good enough reason to not watch the performance.

What Is Blue Man Group About?

Scene Blue Man Group (Off Broadway)

Blue Man Group is a spectacular show seen by more than 35 million people of all ages, cultures, and language groups. The super entertaining spectacle is a mixture of old-style comedy, high-tech effects on the stage, and some clowning and circus mime. The show has been around off Broadway for more than 30 years now.

This is a unique show where music, comedy, and paint get together in a circus of imagination. The Blue Men are masterfully trained to use nonverbal communication and mimicry along with drumming and rhythm, paint, and some more paint. They also feature a range of visuals, technology, marshmallows, and other colorful performance props to entertain large and small audiences.

Having performed in more than 25 countries, Blue Man Group certainly has a lot to offer.

How Complex Is the Show?

This show is recommended for all ages starting with children from the age of three. Children under three won’t be allowed to enter the performance.

Other than the age limitation, this show isn’t limiting to anyone in any sense. Since the spectacle is all about nonverbal communication, anyone can watch it. Even people who don’t speak English. To understand the show just sit back, relax, and watch the performers live on the scene.

Note that this isn’t a spectacle for those who want to see a play or a musical, so you shouldn’t perceive it as such.

The Blue Man Group is exceptional in that it hits the audience that watches the show for the first time and doesn’t know what to expect.

Set Design and Style

The theater gets super interactive when this show takes place. If you plan to get a seat in the first rows, you’ll get plastic coverings and ponchos as a shield from paint, food, and just about any substance that may fly off the stage.

The stage is made to put the blue man in focus, so the decor isn’t very distracting. In fact, you’ll find it rather dark, with the lighting falling almost exclusively on the performers.

The style of the show is witty, amusing, and mostly based on the stunning facial expressions of the Blue Men. You’re going to understand so much without hearing a single word come from their mouths. That’s why I highly recommend this show to non-English speakers as well.

Similar Shows

Blue Man Group offers a unique experience with loads of comedy throughout the spectacle. But it’s not the only show out there that creates memories.

If you’re into mind-blowing performances anyone can watch, check out Gazillion Bubble Show off Broadway. This is a performance to watch if you’re after laughs, good comedy, a stunning bubble performance, and an unforgettable experience for the little ones.

Some Cirque de Soleil shows may also appeal to the audience who is into facial expressions and body language rather than verbal communication.

A Review of the Reviews

Blue Man Group is one of the rare shows with almost exclusively positive reviews. This phenomenon that originates in the circus is clever, funny, entertaining, quirky, and delightful, audiences say.

I’m almost ready to bet you that it’s impossible to find a negative online review about this show. But I don’t want to take that bet yet, since the only negative critics seem to come from Broadway fans. This show is better suited for those who aren’t into Broadway as much.

Many describe this spectacle as “performance art at its best,” stating that it simply isn’t comparable to Broadway because it is a completely different genre.

The spectacle is sure to create memories, and it’s for good reason critics refer to it as a worldwide phenomenon that brings music, comedy, and paint into one majestic performance.

Characters and a Little About Them

Blue Man Group Close Up

Blue Man Group is famous for being silent. They have around 30 performers in the production, and very little information is available about their personal lives. The group is persistent in remaining mysterious to its very core.

Here’s some basic information about the group’s original cast, as well as some current members. 

Matt Goldman Matt Goldman is the cofounder of Blue Man Group. He is also an award-winning writer, performer, musician, composer, and CEO of Blue Man Productions. He is part of the original cast of Blue Man Group. 
Phil Stanton Phil is the second cofounder of Blue Man Group and spent a good portion of his career making the show look fantastic. 
Chris WinkChris Wink is a theater performer and a third cofounder of Blue Man Group. He’s also a cofounder of the Blue School. The artist has won numerous awards as a performer and writer (including one Grammy nomination), and is a popular guest speaker on creativity topics. 
Christopher BowenChris Bowen is a current member of the Blue Man cast. Ever since he was a child, he had a flair for the theater. Today, he is a teacher, performer, musician, composer, actor, and instrument inventor. 
Michael Dahlen Michael is the creative director at Blue Man Group. He auditioned to become part of the group in 1995, and hasn’t left it since. 

About the Theatre

The Blue Man Group spectacle occurs in the New York Astor Place Theatre. This theatre resides on the lower level of a 19th-century Greek-style residence and has a capacity of 300 patrons.

There is wheelchair access, as well as hearing assistance in terms of sound-reducing headphones or earplugs. For hearing assistance, visitors should contact the theatre to leave a request before the visit.

The address of the Astor Place Theater is 434 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003. The theatre is easily accessible from the Astor Place subway station, as well as from the 8th Street subway station. The Lafayette Street/Astor Place bus station is just across the street from the theatre.

Get Your Tickets

Blue Man Group runs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m., Fridays at 8:00 p.m., Saturdays at 5:00 p.m., and Sundays at 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.

Plan your fun afternoon or evening at the Astor Place Theatre soon. Click here to get your tickets.


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