Gary Finkelstein


Gary’s Ratings: 4.5/5

Main Cast: Russel Mernagh (as Max), Brent Bateman (as Robert), Adam Petherbridge (as Dennis), Ryan Vincent Anderson (as Trevor), Chris French (as Jonathan), Chris Lanceley (as Chris), Ashley N. Hildreth (as Annie), Maggie Weston (as Sandra), Damien Brett, Laura D’Andre, Ellie MacPherson, Sid Solomon (as Understudies).

Gary’s Ratings for Into the Woods (Off Broadway) is 4.6/5.

Main Cast: Neil Patrick Harris (as the Baker), Sara Bareilles (as the Baker’s wife), Denee Benton (as Cinderella), Gavin Creel (as Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince), Jordan Donica (as Rapunzel’s Prince), Ta’Nika Gibson (as Lucinda), Annie Golden (as Cinderella’s Mother and Giant’s wife), Albert Guerzon (as Cinderella’s father), Ann Harada (as Jack’s mother), David Patrick Kelly (as Narrator), Brooke Ishibashi (as Florinda), Heather Headley (as the Witch), Shereen Pimentel (as Rapunzel), David Turner (as Steward), Cole Thompson (as Jack).

Gary’s Ratings The Office! A Musical Parody (Off Broadway): 4.6/5

Main Cast: Caleigh Lozito (as Michael), Nathan David Smith (as Dwight), Ben S. Daniel (as Jim and Andy), Hanna Shykind (as Pam and Erin), Logan Graye (as Angela and others), Miranda Luze (as Phyllis, Meredith, and others), Rita Posillico (as Kelly and others), Alex Schechter (as Swing), Christian Fary (as Toby, Creed, and others)