Gary Finkelstein


You don’t need to be a theater buff to enjoy a play and see actors at their best. Broadway and Off-Broadway shows offer the chance to see live entertainment, as opposed to another night in front of the television. But most of us can’t afford full-priced Broadway shows all the time, as the costs can add up. However, the good news is that you can buy cheap tickets for Broadway using our insider hacks.

Gary’s Rating of Between the Lines: 4.5/5

Main Cast: Arielle Jacobs (as Delilah), Jake David Smith (as Prince Oliver), Julia Murney (as Grace/Queen Maureen), Will Burton (as Frump/Ryan), Wren Rivera (Jules/Ondine), Hillary Fisher (as Allie/Princess Seraphima), John Rapson (as Dr. Ducharme/Rapskullio), Vicki Lewis (as Ms. Winx/Jessamyn and others)